Dem governor cracks down on illegal children

As everyone knows the only people in America who are so heartless as to report illegal immigrants to the immigration cops are evil conservative Republicans like those profiling fascists in Arizona, right?


Well not so fast there, Bubba.

Left wing wunderkind, Bill Richardson, Democrat and waiting-for-indictment corruptocrat, lame-duck governor of New Mexico, has ordered the state department of children's and family services to begin reporting illegal immigrant children to ICS.

Oh the horror of it all! Reported by the NY Times, right? Well, no. Reported by the Washington Post and the LA Times, right? Well, er, ah, no. But the Associated press picked it up and broadcast it to the world, right? Uh, well, no. Sissy Chrissie Matthews is feeling a vibration all the way up to his prostate gland, right? Well, not so's you'd notice, but then with that guy...

Don't bother Googling for it because it's not there, but it was at the top of the front page of the Albuquerque Journal yesterday (subscription only - free story here courtesy of the Las Cruces Sun-News). Does this thundering national media silence tell you anything about who controls the flow of information in this world?

That's right folks, it's going unreported because the edict came from one of the lapdog media's favorite also-rans, Big Bill Richardson, failed governor, failed commerce secretary and failed human being. Had a Republican governor done this there would be howling calls for boycotting New Mexico, which, when you think about it being next door to Arizona, would give outraged liberals an easy two-fer.

We all know there's no hypocrisy in liberalism, right?