Creating a national hairball

Much has been made of Attorney General Holder's inability to call a spade a spade in congressional hearings on the latest terrorist attempt in Times Square. Were it not so sadly descriptive of our federal government's inability to face the realities of the world they must deal with, it would be laughable. Seeing Holder tap dance before the cameras is priceless.

Way ahead of this failed administration, the American people are finally realizing they're the real victims of all this political correctness. So as not to offend whatever racial, ethnic or religious groups happen to be in liberal favor, our political leaders robotically tell us we should smell the same petunias they do - despite walking in a field filled with manure.

So how did we come to this sorry pass where our sissy national government would rather surrender American freedoms and quite possibly American lives to avoid offending the sensibilities of people who practice genital mutilation of girls, and hang homosexuals and casually behead anyone who offends their sensibilities? How about those who enter this country illegally and then riot under the banner of Mexico demanding their rights?  Is it truly their sensibilities we should not offend? That seems to be the sort of condescending instruction the American people are getting from this administration and it's causing a national gag reflex, starting with folks in the Tea Party and the Arizona state government, but quickly spreading.

By November, Obama and the Democrats may be looking at a whole, big, ugly hairball coughed up right in the middle of their dining table.