Closing the barn door after the terrorist got away

Over at The Atlantic , Jeffrey Goldberg has some quick observations about the alleged perp of the Time Square almost terrorism (there, I've used the "t" word but that's ok because finally, so did President Barack Obama [D] ) incident.

1. I am struck by the fact that he is a naturalized American citizen, not a recent or temporary visitor. This suggests that either he was a long-term sleeper agent (unlikely, for various reasons) or that he became over time immune to the charms of life in America, (snip) Another unhopeful sign for the future of integration.

2. Janet Napolitano should subcontract the work of the Department of Homeland Security to the NYPD. (snip)

3. I don't think that Faisal Shahzad, if he is indeed a terrorist, was radicalized solely by the construction in East Jerusalem of apartment buildings for Jews. This suggests the limited relevance of the "linkage" argument.

4. His lack of professionalism will undoubtedly cause many people to say something along the lines of, "See, the terrorist threat is hyped, these guys are all clowns." It is true that most would-be terrorists are clowns, but it is also true that the 9/11 plotters were not clowns. (snip) I worry when people come to the conclusion that our adversary is not capable of doing great damage to America.

But how can some people (liberals?) conclude "that our adversary is not capable of doing great damage"? Isn't that profiling, or even worse, bigotry, to suggest that our adversary, in this case, radical Islamists, aren't capable, aren't intelligent, can't plan?

Oh by the way, Mr. Shahzad, achieved no-fly list status sometimes probably on Monday but  had passed all the security checks to board the plane despite the blaring red alert of paying cash for his last minute ticket

He also ,by the way, passed all the security checks to become a US citizen last year and is reported to have been a registered Democrat.

It is also being reported that government agents are studying Shahzad's citizen application very carefully. Uhm, shouldn't they have been doing that prior to granting him citizenship?

Or would that have been profiling?