California has an immigration law too

The media, local California governments and liberal groups are absolutely a hoot. Their ignorance is breath taking.

Arizona's new immigration law is said to be racist according to reports in the media from a variety of liberal groups; it's not if you actually read it. Local California cities want to boycott Arizona which is questionable under the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution, but it is also incredible hypocrisy.

For my non-lawyer friends, you probably didn't know that California also has a law pertaining to illegal aliens. Yep. It's been on the books since 1994! Good ole Prop 187. The law provides that law enforcement shall [note -- not "may"] cooperate with US Immigration and Naturalization Service, [now known as ICE], regarding any person suspected of being in the US illegally to include verifying that person's status, advise the person that they must seek legal status to reside in the US, notify the federal government of that person's illegal status and prohibits local governments from not enforcing this law. Most notable is the absence of any reference in the statute to the ability of law enforcement to use race as a basis for inquiry of the person's status! Only an arrest is required to trigger the inquiry into that person's status.

In otherwords, California's law is racist while Arizona's is not, to use liberal logic, because race may not be used to trigger the inquiry into status in Arizona after an arrest. In California, no problem! Racial profile all you want!

But it gets better!

The Democratic party controlled Assembly and Senate in California could amend this statute to prohibit the use of race as a basis to determine immigration status of the arrestee by law enforcement in California. They haven't in 16 years! And eventhough they have the votes to over-ride a govenor's veto! [Not that Arnold would veto it you understand].

So the question is my friends, who is the pot and who is the kettle? I simply love this stuff!

"Show me your papers!!!"