CAIR discovers Southern Tea Partiers have a mind of their own

What does the opposite of dhimmitude look like? Take a look at the Tennessee Tea Party, Pamela Geller, and Republican Rep. Steven King and you'll see. Not kowtowing to the demands of The Council on American-Islamic Relations to drop Geller as a speaker at their inaugural convention, the Tennessee Tea Party kept the "call it as I see it" Geller in it's line-up.

In a press release conveying their reasoning for preventing Geller from speaking, CAIR described Geller as an extremist anti-Islam speaker, far-right blogger, who heads the hate group Stop the Islamization of America. Nice try CAIR, but the Tennessee Tea Party didn't budge.

Responding to a standing ovation at the Tea Party convention with her usual moxie-infused style, Geller said, "Thank you for having the guts to have me speak. You think you're in a little room in Gatlinburg, but this is a battlefield in the information war. They [CAIR] try to shut up everybody who speaks against them. How dare they attack one human thought while they try and impose shariah law in America? They smear all of us so nobody will hear what we say. I am warning you that freedom of speech is the line in the sand."

Failing in their attempt to remove Geller as a speaker, CAIR focused their efforts on Iowan Republican Rep. Steven King. CAIR asked King to cancel his participation in the event if Geller remained on the program. Apparently not lacking a crucial part of his anatomy that so many politicians seemed to have lost when dealing with CAIR and the likes, King sided with Geller. Spokesman for King, John Kennedy, said that he believed the Tennessee Tea Party should be commended for including Geller in its line-up of speakers. He also added, "The beauty of the First Amendment is that it protects even controversial political discussion. The shame of radical Islam is that it punishes, in some instances with death, dissenting views."

Thanks Tennessee Tea Partiers, Geller, and King for acting like red-white-and-blue-blooded Americans who aren't ready for the kind of "relations" CAIR desires. Whatever you've been putting in your tea needs to make the rounds in D.C.

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