Arizona beats California

Not that politics should interfere with sports, of course, but this headline - "Suns 115, Lakers 106 - Suns Beat Lakers and Tie Series" - did give me an extra happy jolt upon learning the outcome of basketball's faraway--for me--Western Conference basketball finals.

You see, those winners were the Phoenix (Arizona) Suns--not the Sols--the underdogs who beat the heavily favored Los Angeles (California) Phoenix.

OK, so now the self righteous liberal citizens of Los Angeles have a valid reason for boycotting Arizona; I can understand that.

But not that I'm profiling or anything like that but those basketball players seem really tall. So does that mean that short people can't be good basketball players?

And not that I'm complaining or anything but the players on both teams certainly don't resemble America.

But that's fine by me as I think the best team should win regardless of such factors.