Another one for the Obamas' 'Do as I say, not as I do' file

America's First Couple loves to hector us about our failings. We are racist, our police act stupidly, and (most annoyingly), we eat the wrong stuff and we're too fat.

 But when the rubber hits the road in the Obamas' own life, well then the rules don't apply. The latest example: The Commander in Chief helped himself to a plateful of 10 deep fried Buffalo wings at Duff's Famous Wings in Buffalo.

Buffalo wings are indeed tasty, and if I were to return to Buffalo, I would surely have a plateful of them myself, along with the traditional blue cheese dressing.

 But I would also gain some weight, and I do not have the East African tall and slender build enjoyed by the President (but not his wife, who has rather more of a struggle to attain a fashionably svelte bodily habitus). But notably, I am not in the business of telling other people what they should eat and how fat they are.

When Michelle Obama eagerly took on the role of National Food Scold, I thought there was trouble ahead. It's bad enough that a first couple enamored of gassing up Air Force One for a "date night" on Broadway tells us to curb our energy use and learn to get along with less. But telling overweight people to stop stuffing their faces while simultaneously indulging in fatty foods is an even more personal level of chutzpah. 

Hypocrisy is a hard sell.

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Hast tip: J.C. Arenas, SoCalGal,
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