A fitting monument to Senator Edward Kennedy

Ok, the Kennedy family is deeply embedded in the history and psyche of Massachusetts and Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) held the peoples' Massachusetts senatorial seat for over 40 years, participating in many historical events during his tenure. Wouldn't a nice $10,000,000 building and endowment be enough for researchers to access his papers, (not counting those related to Chappaquidick, his other private escapades, his offshore not taxable wealth all excluded of course) and visitors to explore be enough? Alright, inflation takes its toll, make that $12,000,000 mostly from private funds.

Apparently not.

Victoria Reggie Kennedy vowed yesterday to reject any federal earmarks beyond the $68.3 million already in the pipeline for a Boston institute dedicated to her late husband, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.

"Beyond this amount, we don't want it," Kennedy said during a spirited exchange with the Herald's editorial board. But she fiercely defended the existing and proposed taxpayer funding and insisted that the $150 million public-private project would become a vital local and national resource.

Hmmm, the U.S. is deeply in debt, spending money faster than it can print it, the Commonwealth of Taxachusetts is spending money faster than it is taking in while wealthier residents flee to lower taxed New Hampshire just a few miles away. So sure, why not spend tax payer millions on another white elephant? And think of all the construction jobs this stimulus will provide.