What caused the offshore oil platform to explode?

At the risk of sounding paranoid, I have to ask, "What caused the explosion on the BP-operated oil drilling platform known as Deepwater Horizon fifty miles off the coast of Louisiana on April 20th?"

There are a number of other unanswered question since the event transpired a week ago: What happened to the eleven missing crewmembers? Can the wellhead be capped? If not, will containment efforts succeed? And so on.

But despite the media's tremendous outpouring of concern regarding this potentially disastrous environmental event, this writer has not heard or read a single newsperson address the issue of causation. Not one.

This is odd.

When is the last time the MSM did not rush to assign blame/responsibility/causation for sensational issues? Especially those issues at the forefront of political debate....

Must healthcare costs be contained by proposed legislation? Well, gee whiz, Anthem Blue Cross just proposed a 39% hike in premiums in California!

Must financial reform legislation be passed, post haste? Golly, even the SEC says that Goldman-Sachs is criminally culpable for the collapse of our economy!

Must we tolerate Obama's recently announced policy to allow (extremely limited) offshore oil drilling operations, a policy that is immensely unpopular among environmental activists? Heck, Deepwater Horizon just showed us where The O Policy will take us....

The comments of the Executive Director of the Sierra Club in response to the spill point out just how convenient this event is for environmentalists:

We need to move away from dirty, dangerous, and deadly energy sources. We join our colleagues in saying that every day the Senate fails to pass clean energy and climate policy, we put our economy, our national security and our environment at risk. Now is the time to put America back in control of our energy future with comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation. It's time to finish what we started.

Why is no one asking, "how did this happen?" Why is the MSM silent on this point instead of indulging in its typical lust for assigning responsibility?

Why do I have to be so paranoid about things these days?