Today is 'Draw Mohammed Day'

Hey boys and girls! And big boys and girls too! Let's have some fun! And win lots of good prizes too! Here is a contest that will be fun for the whole family! And everyone will be a winner!

Citizens Against Citizens Against Humor (Cacah, pronounced like it is spelled) is conducting  a contest , Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. The winner of the best drawing of Mohammed, inventor/founder/discoverer and incidentally the revered prophet of the Muslim religion gets a chance to be threatened by followers of this religion of peace
; unless of course the FBI decides to arrest the person who made the original threat against the creators of the Comedy Central show South Park.

Actually the main prize is the opportunity to stand up for freedom of speech. Other prizes are varying degrees of fame, annoying the liberal media plus multiple opportunities to be politically incorrect.

The contest is open to all who value freedom of speech and/or those who refuse to bow to Islamic terror. Deadline is May 20, 2010. Send your very best drawings to

Remember, just by entering you're a winner.