The 'Thank Obama Brigade'

How many damnable times have you heard a self proclaimed conservative, Republican "leader," or assorted RINO tell us we must admit, praise, and document our approval of Obama when he actually performs the duties of the office that he applied for?

Take Romney (please) on Obama's Afghan surge:

"[I] think it's important for us to nod to the president when he's right ... He will not always be wrong."

Or take Romney praising Obama's "backbone," for nationalizing car companies:

"Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) backed the plan for GM and Chrysler put forth yesterday by President Obama, the candidate Romney may face in the 2012 presidential election."

Newt Gingrich, John McCain, Charlie Crist, and others return thousands of Google search hits "praising, supporting, and documenting job approval of Obama.

Do you get plaudits when you do your job?

If you are a hotdog vender, do you get glaring headlines that burst;

"Hotdog Vendor Obama Sells Hotdogs!!!???"

Come on, if the best Republicans can do is to compliment an accountant when he completes one tax return, when at the very same time that same accountant is running the company into the dirt, then all is lost.

Where is our leader?

I know we live in the new fangled "information age" birthed by Algore himself, but really?

What we are witnessing is Nero as Rome burned. But instead of Obama having the alibi of playing the violin, he has been caught by intersection cameras as being the arsonist.

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