The offshore oil drilling head fake

Obama did run on a platform of "change", you know. This frees him up to change his mind at anytime, on any issue. Pretty slick of him. His advisors have to feel elated.

Congress is now spending our money like a gang of drunken pirates with stolen FEMA cards. During the previous administration, Bush and Co were accused of slapping bee hives in foreign lands while yelling "Hey y'all, watch this." Now, not only is Obama and Co still slapping bee hives, but they're also poking sticks through cracks in the tycoons' walls, trying to drag out their valuables.

The seasoned tycoon is wise and powerful enough to seal up his walls, move his riches inside, or helicopter it offshore. This resistance forces Obama to turn his anger onto the middle class Americans, knowing they're too weak and unorganized to fight back in timely fashion. By the time the Tea Partiers figure out who's picking their pockets and actually strike back, the Obama looters will be long gone and the damage will be done. Time will tell whether the damage to the middle class' savings and jobs will be irreversible, or whether the ever-hungry third world will seize the opportunity to permanently replace the American worker's long-established dominance in the global food chain.

A carbon tax would only accelerate the jobs flow overseas to the countries that have already proclaimed they'll not participate in a global clean-up. It would be a lethal blow to the American workforce, already on their knees after being hijacked by faulty government policies and high taxation. Obama's about-face move on offshore drilling is just a head-fake, buying him and his cronies more time to pick the pockets of the dying middle class.