The do-as-I-say (not as I do) duo

The First Smoker and his wife don't always follow their own advice on living healthy to reduce the burden on ObamaCare finances. On yet another long weekend away from the White House, the First Couple indulged in ultra-unhealthy North Carolina barbecue. Jennifer Fermino of the New York Post writes:

Making a weekend getaway to North Carolina, the fitness-fanatical First Lady -- who planted a garden at the White House to promote healthy eating and leads a campaign to fight childhood obesity -- and President Obama immediately hit a barbecue joint.

After posing for pictures with scores of star-struck locals -- Obama even quizzed some on what they ordered -- the first couple got down to business, each ordering the seriously artery-clogging ribs plate at Twelve Bones Smokehouse in Asheville.

The meal included BBQ ribs, greens, baked beans, corn pudding, mac & cheese and corn bread, guzzled back with icy cold sweet teas.

It sounds delicious, but highly caloric and saturated fat-ridden. If one is going to lecture others on healthy living, isn't this the height of hypocrisy? Given how many Americans have a weight problem, the politics of hectoring people on diet, exercise, and smoking, while indulging in the forbidden vices, seem rather counterproductive.

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