The Baehr Essentials

Channeling Pete Seeger, Obama announces his new nuclear policy. The US should disarm, and reduce its stock pile of nuclear weapons and delivery systems , and commit to not targeting certain  enemies, and not responding in certain ways to certain attacks on the U.S. Obama believes that by setting this example,  we will lead the way for the world to become a safer,  nuclear free globe.  After all, pre-nuclear weapons, only 100 million were killed  (over 5% of the world's population) in conventional non-nuclear combat in the first half of the last century. 

If it were not Obama delivering these messages, you might think it would come from some aging hippie wearing a bunch of buttons, including:  SANE ,  impeach LBJ, and think the speaker was a moron. 

Ralph Peters  

Michael Goodwin


President Obama has revealed himself to be a lifelong White Sox fan, who thinks the old stadium was Cominsky Field.  Which Polish general was it named after?  He's also a fan who can't name a favorite White Sox player.

I recall how the media jumped on a recent a  VP nominee who would not (or could not) answer a question as to what newspapers she read every day.  

So who was the better pitcher? George Bush, wearing a bullet proof vest at Yankee Stadium in 2001, weeks after 9/11, or the supposedly athletically gifted Barack Obama?

Bush (note that in October, 2001, the New York crowd loved George Bush). 

Obama (saying he throws like a girl, is demeaning to girls)

If you are not a sports fan, my condolences for missing two recent classics: the  Olympic hockey  gold medal game between the US and Canada, and the NCAA men's basketball championship game  Monday night. 

For Duke fans, or those who picked them in their pools, relive the glory.  For Butler fans, know that you were on the right side of history.


Shmuley Boteach on the silence of the lambs. Sorry, I mean the Jews. Boteach is a very good friend of Newark's liberal African American Mayor Corey Booker. Unlike President Obama, Booker is the real deal - and a genuine friend of Israel.  One other difference: Booker actually chose to run something -- in his case, a city, before entering the national stage. He may be a future candidate for higher office and I wish him well. Obama took the shortcut- never having run anything but a campaign. And it shows. On any given day, the relevant question is- is he incompetent? Or is he just an ideologue, channeling Rashid Khalidi and Ali Abunimah into the White House? Or is he just not that bright?  


The White House is now ready to impose its own solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The leaks are that it will be similar to what Ehud Barak and Clinton  offered to Arafat in 2001 in Taba, and Olmert offered to Abbas in 2007-2008. Is Obama unaware of which side walked away from both offers, and every other in history?  Maybe, Obama is channeling Herman's Hermits on this one: ( "don't know much about history , don't know much biology.....")

Barry Rubin

Mark Silverberg on Obama relieving the Palestinians from the need to negotiate.


Rick Richman on the renaming of one provision of the recent health care reform bill,  "the Medicare contribution", that is in fact a tax, and not a contribution,   and has nothing whatever to do  with Medicare. Confused yet?


Paul Vocker wants a VAT, and higher taxes.   One thing is for sure, Obama's team thinks government needs more money.  Do you expect them to cut spending to reduce the deficit?


Is there a pattern to Obama's foreign policy? Perhaps it is this: if George Bush improved relations with that country, Obama needs to reverse that. Latest victim:


Is there a culture shift underway on abortion?  Maybe we should ask Senator Boxer, who in a public statement  a few years back, endorsed infanticide -- to give "mothers" the right to kill late term aborted babies who by some dint of  circumstance, were born alive.  Boxer did not identify how the "mother" should kill the new baby -- clubbing perhaps?