Our borders are broken windows

Obama has characterized Arizona as being misguided and irresponsible by passing a law that authorizes deputies to inquire about a person's citizenship. If the "don't ask don't tell policy" that the Federal government has been standing by now for decades isn't irresponsible I don't know what is. For Obama, it's not only irresponsible, his comments and decision to challenge the legality of the law are arrogant and insulting.

The fear that ramped up racism is about to be unleashed upon the Latinos of Arizona is about as rational as strip searching Norwegian grandmothers at the airport. Never the less Obama is keenly aware of this hysteria and is banking on it politically.

How can our government have such little regard for the people who actually live on the border in the midst of all the drug and people trafficking and trashing of the environment that it so willfully ignores? It is not okay now and never has been.

Our borders are the broken windows (worth reading) that invite crime and violence and denigrate the quality of life. They are chaos. Hurrah for Arizona for standing up for itself. Latinos will benefit from this as much as everyone else.

Don Watson