Obama's reverse Midas touch

The legendary King Midas was given the gift of the golden touch; everything he touched would turn to gold. Excited at first, he learned the price of greed when the food he tried to eat turned to gold and when he even turned his own daughter into a hunk of gold.

King Obama, twentieth century America, has a magic touch, too. Everything he touches turns to ... well ... donkey dust... owl hockey... bull shavings... bunny pellets... that sort of thing.

Unemployment remains at nearly ten percent and underemployment at around twenty percent, despite the stimulus.

The deficit is soaring to trillions of dollars.

The healthcare reform bill is now revealing itself to be a huge financial burden to businesses and state Medicaid programs alike, running into the billions of dollars of additional costs.

Because of mandates, insurance rates will increase further.

As C. McLeod Fuller ably pointed out in his article on American Thinker (Obamacare's Economic Dominoes ; 04/02/2010), the bill will cut a wide swath of destruction through the health insurance, medical, and other industries, causing losses of jobs in the hundreds of thousands, rationing of care, and other damaging effects .

Social Security is in the red in 2010.

The national debt stands at $12 trillion. This is a tax liability of $40,000 for every American and $160,000 for a household of four. At the Tea Party protest at the Capitol on March 21, a little girl, who looked to be about nine, held a sign that read:


Debt is projected to be at $20 trillion by 2020.

America's traditional allies (Canada, Britain, France, Israel, Poland and others) have been so frequently insulted and treated with disdain by the administration that relations are severely strained.

The American people are in a state of anger so intense that Frank Luntz, the pollster who conducts focus groups, said on Sean Hannity's TV show (04/02/2010) that it is difficult to conduct them now. He said that tempers flare, words are exchanged and civil discussions tend to break down. Luntz said he has never seen people this angry and upset.

Meanwhile, Obama mocks and disparages those who disagree with him as fringe groups who engage in "vitriol," even though polls now show that close to seventy percent of us oppose many or most of his policies, and are worried for the future of our country, and in particular our children, our grandchildren and our great grandchildren.

Obama stands at the helm, serenely oblivious, chin jutted into the air, reminiscent of those grainy old World War II films of Benito Mussolini on the balcony, while he jokingly maligns the American people.

Sailors have a saying, "Storm clouds are gathering on the horizon."

Oh, yeah; I almost forgot. That third king, King George III of England. Like King Midas, he too suffered an ignominious reversal of fortune.

The lessen here?

We Americans, "We the people," don't much care for kings.