Obama declares his nuclear summit a 'success'

As I watched  President Obama declare his nuclear summit a resounding success, I began to get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.  The vision of Neville Chamberlain and his announcement of "peace in our time" came rushing into my consciousness.  The memories of my own experience as a survivor of the war that ensued as a result of the naive beliefs of so many western leaders in the 1930's cause me to fear a  future that may mirror the past.

In President Obama the United States and the West has a leader who believes in his ability to talk committed adversaries into laying down their arms and living in peace.  He fails to understand or chooses not to that only the overwhelming military might of the United States (and a stated willingness to use it to protect liberty and freedom) has kept the world at peace for the past 65 years. 

His hubris and malignant sense of destiny, so often repeated throughout history, can only result in more instability and possible warfare particularly in the Middle-East.  Our current and potential adversaries are emboldened and openly laughing at this man and the United States.  As Hitler did after the Munich summit in 1938, they are boldly planning their next moves assured in their attitude that no one has the will to stop their grandiose plans for conquest.

I truly fear for the future.
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