New hit song in South Africa: 'Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer !'

When arriving for The Football World Cup in South Africa in June 2010, do not forget to pick up your T-shirt at customs. Rumor has it that the ANC Youth League will be supplying them free of charge. Not wishing to scare off tourists, they only want to get rid of the local white population.

Seriously: this was part of a peaceful protest carried out recently. Now some people in government want to know who the protesters were, presumably to tick them off for casting South Africa in a bad light. It somehow didn't occur to them that they need to take serious steps against the main perpetrator,

Julius Malema is the head of the ANC (African National Congress) Youth League, and delights in singing the "Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer" song at public gatherings. They failed to rope him in, so a civil case was brought by an N.G.O. to stop him singing the song.  He ignored a court ruling in favour of the plaintiff, and sang it while visiting Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe.

He had gone there to study their "success;" a country all but destroyed by that socialist dictator. A few days later the National Union of Mineworkers sang it at one of their meetings, taking their cue from Malema. We heard this morning that the disciplinary charges against Malema brought internally by the ANC, are to be dropped. They are powerless to stop him. He and his Youth League are the president's power base. It was they who orchestrated the coup at Polekwane in 2007, putting Jacob Zuma and the radical left in power. If they remove him, they remove themselves. It is out of control.

In the meantime, farm and urban killings continue, as some carry out Malema's instructions. The police try to convince the public that it is just random crime, but this is just an insult to our intelligence. The world will watch with folded arms as South Africa is destroyed, like they watched as Zimbabwe went down the tubes. If it were not for South Africa propping up Zimbabwe economically, and giving work to millions of Zim refugees, legal and illegal, (who are then able to feed their families back home) we would be seeing starvation on a massive scale.

Julius Malema is now on a trip to to see Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, to study their nationalisation model. No doubt he will pick up more than that from Hugo. Can it get worse?


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