Life after Obama

Oh the Irony! Only a matter of months after leaving Team Obama, career leftist and self admitted Mao Zedong fan club member Anita Dunn has joined Tory leader David Cameron's campaign for Prime Minister.

Daily Mail reports.

Anita Dunn has been hired by the Tory leader to give him the edge in the vital head-to-head TV debates...


Ms Dunn, from the Washington-based political consultancy Squier Knapp Dunn, was given the task of ‘de-poshing' Harvard-educated Obama to enhance his appeal to middle and working-class women voters. Cameron's team hope that she will be able to pull off a similar trick for the Eaton-educated leader.


During the American TV debates, Obama followed her advice to knit his brows and look as if he was concentrating intently as a question was asked, before changing his facial expression and relaxing the slight frown into a smile as he came up with the answer.

She also persuaded Obama to project the role of his wife Michelle, so that women saw it was an equal marriage-a move which has been emulated by Cameron with his wife Samantha.

Proving that the art of packaging politicians transcends ideology and geography, Ms. Dunn has crossed the pond and embraced the conservatives. How refreshing to see that a woman who has referred to Chairman Mao as one of her favorite political philosophers can still pursue capitalism with such exuberance.

Joining Ms. Dunn on the Cameron team is another high dollar former Obama campaign alumni, Bill Knapp. Labour Party Prime Minister Gordon Brown has hired his own Obama campaign veteran, Joel Benenson. The ability to sell an unsuspecting public an unqualified and unfit leader (in the case of Obama) will always be in high demand.

Phil Boehmke

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