If Guam gets too overpopulated, it might tip over?

Democrat Hank Johnson (D-GA) is a sick man. He contracted Hepatitis C 12 years ago and often has periods of confusion and can lose his train of thought - as this video shows.

But really, postulating that overpopulation will cause the island of Guam to tip over? The witness he was questioning, an Admiral, seemed a little bemused by the question, answering "We don't anticipate that happening..."

"My fear is that the island will become so overpopulated that it will tip over and capsize."
Here's the video:

It is not kind to make fun of someone who is ill. But the issue here is not humor but competence. Don't the people of this sick fellow's district deserve someone whose health doesn't affect his job performance? Or are episodes like this to be ignored?

Perhaps some kind of intervention is necessary by Mr. Johnson's Democratic colleagues and friends. His constituents deserve better than this kind of embarrassment.

H/T: Hot Air