Graph of the Day for April 20, 2010

"A critical meltdown of ice sheets and severe sea level rise could be inevitable because of global warming, the world's scientists are preparing to warn their governments. New studies of Greenland and Antarctica have forced a UN expert panel to conclude there is a 50% chance that widespread ice sheet loss ‘may no longer be avoided' because of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere."  The Guardian, February, 2007.

"Study: ‘Runaway' melt on Antarctica, Greenland... Experts find more ‘pervasive, enduring' thinning than previously realized." 
MSNBC, September 2009.

Southern Hemisphere (Antarctic) Sea Ice Trends

Source:  National Snow and Ice Data Center.

Hoven's Index for April 20, 2010

Linear regression trends in temperatures (deg C per century):

US, 1880-2009:  +0.64o/century

US, 1997-2009:  -2.50o/century

Globe, 1880-2009:  +0.57o/century

Globe, 2002-2009:  -0.40o/century

Data Source:  NASA/GISS.  Regressions calculated by Excel spreadsheet.

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