GOP prospects in the senate continue to brighten

The GOP now leads in Senate races in Democratic held seats in Pennsylvania, Delaware, North Dakota, Illinois, Arkansas, Indiana, Nevada and Colorado. In California, Barbara Boxer is ahead of some GOP candidates ,and behind others. The GOP leads in Wisconsin, New York, and Washington State, if Tommy Thompson, George Pataki and Dino Rossi are GOP nominees.

The Republicans lead in all races where it is defending open seats- Florida, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, Kansas and New Hampshire, as well as in Louisiana and North Carolina. While still not likely, there is a small chance GOP could win back the Senate in 2010. They need ten pickups to do it, nine if Joe Lieberman elects to become a Republican and run on GOP ticket in 2012.

In 2012, there are 24 Democratic held seats up, and only 9 GOP seats.The GOP has a solid chance in Montana, Ohio, Virginia, New Jersey, Missouri and perhaps other Democratic held seats in 2012.   

Rich Baehr is AT's Chief Political Correspondent.