Camp OFA

Organizing for America, Barack Obama's political organization that's run by the Democratic National Committee, wants to recruit and train a cadre of activists, and is holding camps all over America. Find one near you here:

Here are the ones near me:

Here's the welcome for one near me.

Here's a list of trainings.

Training camp for Tea Party infiltrators?  Polling place intimidators?  Basic training for the Civilian Defense Corps that Obama once-upon-a-time talked about creating?  Are Homeland Security, the FBI and SPLC keeping as close a watch on these guys and gals as they do Michigan militias?

Hope you're up for more change. 'Cause it's comin'. The Dems have all the pieces in place. And this is not just a case of being paranoid about it.

Any volunteer undercover agents out there? I'd go but I don't look the part nor could I hold my tongue. (My wife will happily testify to that.) Would be very interesting to get some video. These will taking place all over the country.

Folks, don't be too surprised if the fall elections are not a rout for the GOP/Tea Party. The Dems are light years ahead in grass roots organizing. Andy Stern probably quit the SEIU presidency to organize, advance-train, and be in a position to pull the "shock troop" strings during the election.  Will be interesting to see what happens as the Communists Progressives are really good at that bullying stuff.

Tea Party election battle cry, "Remember the Purple Shirts!" Or, "Look out! Purple Shirts!"


A reader from Salem, NH writes:
Cannot help but wonder how the folks interested in supporting Obama pronounce (or think of) "OFA".  Below is an urban dictionary definition of "Ofay":


A word of unspecified West African origin that refers to "white" people. It's commonly used in the American South but has fallen out of favor as "White Devil" has assumed prominence.

This ofay at my job is jealous of my ability to get the job done faster and better than him. But he can't help his ofay ways.

by IncogNegro (FC) Feb 20, 2003 share this


disparaging term for a Caucasian.

You big-haired trashy macaroni-and-cheese-eatin' ofay bitch!

by anonymous Feb 17, 2003 share this


Insult to a white person from a black person meaning punk, cracker, bitch.

That ofey is pissing me of

by bloodygore00 Oct 2, 2003 share this



dirrogutory term for white folk.

shut up white boy, cracker, ofay.

I have also heard the "OFAY" is pig-latin for "FOE" - as in how certain radical black people see their relationship with white people.

Can't help but think that this organization is racist.  At least, that's what Obama's folks would say if the Republicans had an association whose acronym was "NIGA"  - as in "National Indigenous Governor's Association" or some such.    The Democrats would be screaming "racism" to the heavens.   But, we have the good old lamestream media to thank for their indifference.