Will GM execs be dragged before Congress?

Do the same standards apply to Government Motors as to Toyota? Christian Science Monitor:

After more than 1,100 complaints about the sudden loss of power steering in its compact cars, General Motors announced Tuesday it is preparing to recall 1.3 million vehicles. [...]

Driver complaints filed to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) suggest a host of minor injuries because, on occasion, drivers found it hard to steer.

One 2005 Cobalt driver last year complained that the power steering would randomly shut off. The jolt was so severe that it caused a sprained wrist, the driver claimed.

Another 2005 Cobalt driver ran into a telphone pole while turning into his driveway after the power steering went out. "The wheel became extremely difficult to move," the driver wrote.

A third 2005 Cobalt driver ran into the median strip while turning off a highway after the power steering went out. "I would like to know how many people have to be seriously injured before this issue is resolved through a recall of the vehicles to correct the problem," the driver complained to NHTSA.

Imagine the heart-rending testimony

Hat tip: Eileen McDevitt, Wally
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