Why Obama won't stop pushing health care reform

It has been said often, and with more eloquence than I, that Barack Obama's priorities are misplaced.  Where are the jobs pundits are asking? But even as he lip-serves employment, he needles America. 

Vladimir Lenin once said, "Medicine is the keystone of the arch of socialism," and it's clear that Obama and Lenin share philosophy.  Clearer still is that Obama doesn't care.  Not about November.  Not about your family.  Not about your job.  What he prioritizes -- as evidenced by his push for "reform" -- is the "fundamental restructuring" of the American economy. 

Andy Stern, the most frequent White House visitor, gave a speech, recently, in which he said:

We now have a new metric.  The president says he wants to measure the economy by increases in the middle-class.  Whether we have shared prosperity, not just whether we have growth-a fundamentally different philosophy than we've seen in the country to date.

And Stern knows Obama.  The long-held assumption that empowerment of the lower-class will "grow the middle" is gone.  Stern went on to say:

Clearly government has a major opportunity to distribute wealth....  We stand at a cross-roads, we are at the historical cross-road, I think, economically, in terms of what a new president is trying to do, and a different way in which we're going to evaluate the economy.  All of a sudden, we are witnessing the first new American economy-led by the government and not the private sector.

Chilling.  President Obama fails to see America as a land of opportunity, rejects wealth creation, and intends to "grow the middle," not by lifting the poor, but by shrinking the top.  This explains his obsession with health care-the "keystone" is in reach.

And should he grab it, we will all be less free.

Greg Halvorson is the founder of  Soldiers Without Boots, and hosts The Soldier One Radio Hour on Blog Talk Radio.