Time to revisit the question: 'What if Obama is out of his mind?'

In an Esquire on-line article on June 10, 2009, Charles P. Pierce asked "What if Obama's out of his mind?"


In one paragraph, he led off with:


"Listen to him. He's talking in what seems to be a glossolalic deluge of issues. One plan a week, each thrown out there while we're still digesting the previous one. He's moving too fast for us to keep up with him. He's talking a private language, to himself, like crazy people do....."


At the time, relatively early in the administration, it was tempting to think that Obama may be a little overzealous in his pursuit of his agenda, but crazy? Nah... our president? No way.


Maybe it is time to ask again.


After pursuing a reckless healthcare reform plan for 14 months now; after having it roundly rejected by the American people; in the aftermath of significant election losses in New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusetts; after having been shown that it is at minimum a budget busting $1 to $2 trillion monstrosity, he is continuing to insist on getting it passed, one way or another.


On Wednesday, March 3, 2010 he again made it clear that he will do whatever it takes to enact something (anything) into law.


His rationale, if you can call it that, is a variation on the same thing he has been saying for 14 months.


We need to commit $1 to $2 trillion on a new entitlement program (while existing entitlements are eating us into the poorhouse), so that he can simultaneously:


1. Insure millions more people.


2. Reduce the deficit.


3. Bend the healthcare cost curve downward.


4. Save money for individuals, families, businesses, and the government. Costs for everyone will go down.


No one who gives a moment's thought to this believes a word of it.


Listen to Pierce again; "He's talking a private language, to himself, like crazy people do....."


There seem to be only two possibilities; either Obama is in fact "crazy", meaning he is certifiably detached from even a scintilla of reality, or he is cunningly trying to drive the rest of us crazy by standing before us, chin jutted into the air, and seriously proclaiming for the umpteenth time what we all know to be pure claptrap.


I can think of no third possibility.


What is even more disturbing is that, so far, every Democrat senator and most Democrat members of the House have bought into this calamity by voting for it.


Are they all a bit "tetched in the head?"