They Fought for You now You Fight for Them

Recently Alan Fraser posted a blog article on AT that showed that the one group of professionals the American public has the most confidence in is the military. That comes as no surprise to those of us who have served within the military system because we learned very quickly that the military is one institution of American culture that operates by strict codes of behavior governing ethics and honor. Repeated failures to conduct oneself by the tenets of those codes can get one's butt kicked out of the military quickly and unceremoniously with a less than desirable discharge.

As a former non-commissioned officer, it is my observation that the system winnows out those with problems adhering to these comparatively strict codes of behavior and tends to reward and advance those who function best within them. Sure, there are self-serving bad eggs who manipulate the system for their personal benefit and aggrandizement, John Kerry and the late John Murtha come to mind, and more recently Eric Massa, but for the most part, successful military leaders tend to be men and women of honor who carry in their hearts a strong sense of service to the nation and a sworn oath to defend the Constitution.

Contrast that with what we have serving in our Congress and our current administration. The contrasts are stark and meaningful. For that reason, Americans should go to this website. There you will find a list of 22 combat veterans from across the country, who are seeking to dislodge many of the liberal incumbents who hold the American people in such contempt. I have immediate knowledge of only one person on the list, my former congressman, Steve Pearce, a strong conservative who gave up his seat to run for the senate and was defeated in the Democrat sweep of 2008. He is running again for his old congressional seat, currently occupied by a Democrat, and in the early polls, Steve is winning. He will get my support and my vote.

Another quality that all good military leaders and very few career politicians possess is a strong sense of loyalty to their troops/constituents. To use an example that most readers can identify with, think of LTC Hal Moore, (later LT GEN) the battalion commander played by Mel Gibson in the hit movie, We Were Soldiers Once, and Young. If you've seen this film, you know the quality of leadership I'm talking about. And the movie depicted him factually. I know because I served side by side with COL Moore for a very intense two days of combat as one of his radio operators during the little-known but important battle at Truong Luong in Vietnam in 1966.

Think about Mel Gibson's character and then think about how we can use that kind of bravery, integrity and loyalty in our political leaders. Go to this webpage and check out these combat veterans who want to continue their public service. If you are a constituent of any of them as I am, you should think very seriously about giving them that chance to serve once again with your vote and your financial support. And all of them can use your financial assistance regardless of where you reside. They've fought for you; now you fight for them.

Oh, and I saved the very best part for last; none of them are Democrats. Surprised?

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