The Fearful Forty; 40 Dems who are persuadable on health care reform you should call NOW

Ed Whelan over at the Corner has made it easy for you to call congressmen who are wavering in support of or opposition to health care reform:

The "(S)" means that the member voted for the Stupak amendment last fall.
The full House phone directory is here.

"Yes" on Obamacare Last Time but Might Want to Switch:

Gabrielle Giffords, (D., Ariz.)-202-225-2542

Ann Kirkpatrick, (D., Ariz.)-202-225-2315

Harry Mitchell, (D., Ariz.)-202-225-2190

Vic Snyder, (D., Ariz.) (S)-202-225-2506

Marion Berry, (D., Ark.) (S)-202-225-4076

John Salazar, (D., Colo.) (S)-202-225-4761

Melissa Bean, (D., Ill.) -202-225-3711

Bill Foster, (D., Ill.) -202-225-2976

Joe Donnelly, (D., Ind.) (S) -202-225-3915

Brad Ellsworth, (D., Ind.) (S) -202-225-4636

Baron Hill, (D., Ind.) (S) -202-225-5315

Bart Stupak, (D., Mich.) (S) -202-225-4735

Michael Arcuri, (D., N.Y.) -202-225-3665

Tim Bishop, (D., N.Y.) -202-225-3826

Bob Etheridge, (D., N.C.) (S) -202-225-4531

Earl Pomeroy, (D., N.D.) (S) -202-225-2611

Steve Driehaus, (D., Ohio) (S) -202-225-2216

Zach Space, (D., Ohio) (S) -202-225-6265

Charlie Wilson, (D., Ohio) (S) -202-225-5705

Chris Carney, (D., Pa.) (S) -202-225-3731

Kathleen Dahlkemper, (D., Pa.) (S) -202-225-5406

John Spratt, (D., S.C.) (S) -202-225-5501

Ciro Rodriguez, (D., Texas) (S) -202-225-4511

Solomon Ortiz, (D., Texas) (S) -202-225-7742

Tom Perriello, (D., Va.) (S) -202-225-4711

Alan Mollohan, (D., W.Va.) (S) -202-225-4172

Nick Rahall, (D., W.Va.) (S) -202-225-3452

"No" on Obamacare Last Time But Might Need Encouragement:

Mike Ross, (D., Ark.) (S) -202-225-3772

Betsy Markey, (D., Colo.) -202-225-4676

Allen Boyd, (D., Fla.) -202-225-5235

Suzanne Kosmas, (D., Fla.) -202-225-2706

John Barrow, (D., Ga.) (S) -202-225-2823

John Adler, (D., N.J.) -202-225-4765

Michael McMahon, (D., N.Y.) -202-225-3371

Scott Murphy, (D., N.Y.) -202-225-5614

Larry Kissell, (D., N.C.) -202-225-3715

John Boccieri, (D., Ohio) (S) -202-225-3876

John Tanner, (D., Tenn.) (S) -202-225-4714

Glenn Nye, (D., Va.) -202-225-4215

Brian Baird, (D., Wash.) -202-225-3536

Get busy.

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