The charade of civil trials for terrorists

Eric Holder has said there is no way these guys at Gitmo are walking. If any did it would be political suicide. What does Obama get from this except praise from the loonies?

We maintain a large and complex legal rights system for ourselves for the purpose of minimizing potential abuse from the law. There is nothing divine about it. It is not about being moral. What's moral about throwing out damning evidence that was improperly obtained? It is a bargain. We know that these rights can result in criminals avoiding prosecution. We willingly pay this price. The more legal rights there are the more loopholes there are for criminals to escape the law. We pay this price in defense of our freedom from over bearing or corrupt law enforcement. Now why on earth would we want to pay this price for foreign combatants who we know have sworn to destroy us?

Not all is fair in love and war. Love maybe, but not in war. The Geneva conventions are treaties between countries to reduce the horrors of war. They are a bargain. The loonies advocating for civil trials for enemy combatants are advocating an asymmetric standard. There is no bargain. What is the reason for doing this? To impress moderate Muslims that we are fair minded? Do they think by this we will lure the fence sitters back to peace and moderation and away from jihad? Do they think they will admire the morality of it?

They won't. Major Hason was shown an unbelievable, some would say unconscionable, amount of fairness and tolerance for his extreme views. He admired none of it. No Muslim country comes close to having the legal rights that we have even for their own people so why should we think this charade will impress them. They know it's a charade.

Don Watson