Thanks Barack. It really didn't have to come to this

There is one message and one message only that Israelis must take from the Obama administrations hostile and inane actions directed towards their country, including the rebukes and demands that resulted from the announcement about the plans to build housing units in East Jerusalem which came during Vice President Biden's recent trip. The message is unmistakably clear. Israel cannot trust or depend on the U.S. to protect or defend it and the country's viability and survival are entirely in it's own hands.

Simply put, the United States will not do anything substantive to bring Palestinians to the negotiating table and negotiate seriously and in good faith, it will not do anything substantive to diminish or remove the threat posed by Hamas, Hezbollah and the Arab world in general and it will certainly not do anything substantive to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, nor will it retaliate when, not if, when, the Iranians attack Israel with them.

The U.S. commitment to Israel is no longer unconditional. It rests on the vagaries of politics and is subject to the machinations of an ideologically driven President with a peevish, weak, calculating personality and an abominable ignorance about the real causes of conflict in the Middle East....a President who is unwilling or unable to deal with them constructively....a President who doesn't recognize America's best interests, never mind Israel's, and who hasn't got the toughness to act on them even if he did.

Nothing to trust or depend on there.

All of which guarantees that Israel will, among other things, launch a preemptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities in order to prevent it's own obliteration. Soon.

Thanks Barack. It really didn't have to come to that.