Texas schoolbooks to reflect a more balanced worldview

It's a pleasure these Obamaton days to highlight the advancement of Liberty.  As government spirals out of control, the assault on Freedom clouds life, but on Friday a bit of sunshine broke through.  The Texas Board of Education voted overwhelmingly to change what children read, adding balance to curriculum-guiding text-books. Among the changes (amendments):

--the replacing of "capitalism" with "free-enterprise system"

--the inclusion of Milton Friedman and Friedrich Von Hayek among economic luminaries

--the addition of Black Panther agitation in the era of Civil Rights

--the inclusion of congressional vote-tallies on Civil Rights legislation

--the balancing of Darwinian theory with Creationism

--the inclusion of the conservative resurgence of the 80s and 90s: Phyllis Schlafly, the Moral Majority, the Heritage Foundation, and the Contract With America

--the teaching of the importance of personal responsibility

--clarification on "separation of church and state" as intended by the Founders

It's okay to smile.  Texas influences the rest of the country, as states share standards.  It's also okay to celebrate victory and the responsible sharing of historical truth.

Greg Halvorson is the founder of Soldiers Without Boots, and hosts The Soldier One Radio Hour on Blog Talk Radio


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