She STILL doesn't have the votes

We may yet do it. This game is not over and if you live in the DC area go to Capitol Hill today to voice your opposition to the healthcare bill. If you live elsewhere, continue calling, faxing and e-mailing. The latest whip count from Firedoglake puts the bill here:











Last Updated: 11:14pm ET, 3/20/09

About 10,000 people came to the Hill on Saturday for the Code Red rally according to those who attended. (I did not get down until later in the evening). Some friends attended a second, impromptu rally on the Capitol steps with a number of Congressmen for a few hours in the evening. Their advice for Sunday (today) was: show up! Members of Congress were shocked at the size of Saturday's impromptu rally and it had an impact. They say do not let up. We should continue calling, faxing and e-mailing.

The schedule for today is as follows:

At 11 am there will be a church service in the Capitol Rotunda. This is the first church service held there in 100 years. House floor proceedings will begin at 1pm and the vote is at 2pm (as of now.)

I sat in the House gallery last night until almost midnight. A number of Republican members had stepped up to the podium and the last hour was taken by Louie Gohmert. He was clearly tired but made a last minute impassioned plea to the Democrats to forego this destructive legislation.

Who knows, some may listen...

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