Princeton Prof gives Obama straight A's

If you thought Paul Krugman ( see here ) was the only nut on the Princeton faculty, you'd be dead wrong.

U.S. News and World Report advises that Princeton historian and professor of politics emeritus Fred Greenstein gives Obama almost perfect high marks as president.

Try to read this without laughing. Better yet, swallow before proceeding to a summary of the professor's views of the most arrogant ("I Won"), ill-informed, vague on details and short on follow up polarizing President ever..

Public Communication: A. Reason: Obama has offered highly substantive arguments for his agenda and moved to respond to a complex media environment.[Ed: When and on what?]

Organizational Capacity: A. Reason: Obama, surrounded by strong personalities, has kept unity among his troops, delivered a strong message, and shown himself to be even-handed.[Ed:With a majority of both houses being of his party what has he accomplished besides creating disunity among his own people and harmony among his many opponents?]

Political Skill: Incomplete. Reason: As a conciliator, it's unclear if his style will work in a polarized political world.[Ed: But for the phony summit on healthcare-- which came too late and in which he behaved too arrogantly dismissive of the views of his opponents-- name a single meeting with his opponents. Better yet, specify a single conciliatory act]

Policy Vision: B. Reason: When addressing his vision, he enunciates it in terms of an integrated set of components, though he appears open to junking portions that aren't politically feasible.[Ed:Actually it is increasingly obvious that he's outsourced legislation to Pelosi and Reid, has paid little attention to substance and frequently refers to things in the legislation that are not there or says he would veto things which, in fact, are in the legislation he endorses.]

Cognitive Style: A. Reason: He has a style marked by a capacity for complex thinking and analytical detachment and a preoccupation with seeking evidence.[Ed:He always sounds mushy to me and afraid to do more than vote "present'.]

Emotional Intelligence: A. Obama has clear command of his emotions, as he himself noted when he said that he doesn't get too high when things are going well or too low when they aren't.[Ed:The professor and I must have been watching a different healthcare summit. And missed all those gestures Obama makes with his third finger when speaking about his opposition before audiences who unlike the professor apparently know what that means.

Clarice Feldman

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