Pelosi: Being a woman is a 'pre-existing condition'

The first woman to ever hold the title Speaker of the House is giving a bad name to her species-- Speaker of the House. Promising to clean the House (get it?) with transparency, she has instead presided over an institution that is getting dustier and grimier daily. This not so ditzy, just scary, lady, who airily dismissed the actual contents of Obamacare by stating she'll find out what's in it after it's passed has now--unwittingly--transparently displayed how little she understands insurance--and being a woman--by discussing it with another not so ditzy--also scary--woman, Rachael Maddow.

Ladies--and gentlemen--Pelosi grandly informed Maddow,

Right up until now, being a woman is a preexisting medical condition.

And why is that?

If you are a woman, if you are in child-bearing age and you have children, it‘s a preexisting condition. If you can‘t have children, it‘s a preexisting condition. If you have a C-section, it‘s a preexisting condition. If you are a victim of domestic abuse, it is a preexisting condition.

Uhm Ms. House Speaker, from one woman to another, these conditions are not preexisting, they are acknowledgments that women, because of uhm, certain anatomical and mental differences have a higher rates of medical use. You and your husband have been blessed with five children but you were the one who actually birthed them requiring greater use of medical care than your husband. That's the way it is. Preexisting I guess.

Ms House Speaker, when these children became teen agers and you let them drive, did you notice that because of the preexisting condition of male hormones and age the cost of your sons' auto insurance was much higher than that of your daughters'? Did you complain then about "preexisting conditions" or acknowledge that male adolescents unfortunately have a horrible auto safety record? Perhaps you even used the battering ram of insurance discounts for students with better grades to get your kids to study harder because statistically students with A's and B's tend to be better drivers. Or did you complain about discrimination against boys who didn't do as well in school? Or did you complain about age discrimination as auto insurance rates generally decrease after 25? Aging is a preexisting condition also.

Indeed, Ms House Speaker Pelosi, why can't the American public purchase health insurance the same way I buy auto insurance and house liability insurance? It is not a benefit offered by any employer so I'm free to choose any insurance company I want across the country, not just within my state, whether I'm working or not, tailored with the benefits I want?

Uh oh, I'm sorry I suggested it--soon this will be another item the benevolent government want to control with my tax dollars.

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