Obamacare: Rack and ruin for small business

Don't be surprised that ObamaCare drives unemployment up. CNBC interviewed a restaurateur who fears the combination of workers comp, ObamaCare and sick time could bury her chain of restaurants she's sent the last 25 years building.

Madelyn Alfano has a chain or restaurants in the LA area and is President of the LA Chapter of the California Restaurant Association. She' especially worried about her part time employees who have second job.

"If we were to pay for the 400 employees, because the bill talks about part-timers--but for each two part-timers that makes that makes one full-timer--from what I gather, it would cost over $120,000 a month or $1.4 million a year. We didn't make that. We don't make that much money."


And sadly, unlike Obama, Madelyn can't just print more money. There are three short interviews with her and the bottom one is the saddest.

Bill Weckesser

East Lansing, MI

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