Obama after ObamaCare

What's next for Obama? We can expect to see more of Obama the tyrant and more of Obama the know-it-all. Now that he has "succeeded" with ObamaCare, his pride will be even more puffed up and he will be that much more insufferable and difficult to constrain. Foreign policy, particularly the Middle East, is the next major area he will turn to, and we can expect him to take a much more personal role in trying to secure a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians....he will try and bully his way into a peace agreement and impose his will on Israelis even if this compromises their security.

We can also expect the number and scale of terrorist attacks on Americans at home and abroad to increase, that Islamicization in the U.S. will become more prevalent and that America's stature in the world will continue to erode.

As his Presidency winds down we will see him become more and more angry, impatient and disdainful as the folly of his domestic and foreign policy become apparent to all and as his colleagues desert him in droves, like rats leaving a sinking ship. He will blame everybody but himself for his failures and may even resign rather than accept the verdict of the voters. That after all is what bullies do when they are well and truly exposed... they slink away. 

Even though it won't be pretty America will survive and rebound and recover and so will Israel. Obama on the other hand will forever be seen as a pompous windbag and discredited boy wonder who was in way over his head and it will take a Herculean long term effort for the Democratic Party to resurrect itself and become a credible political force.

Those are some small consolations I suppose.
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