Modesty in Islam Just a Cover-up for CAIR agenda

When a company's diversity policy clashes with promotion of its brand, a lawsuit may ensue.  Since no reasonable person would expect a clothes retailer, whose brand emphasizes sexual rewards for its wearers, to employ a woman in hijab, then brand trumps diversity.  

A Muslim woman applied for a job at Hollister, a division of Abercrombie and Fitch, in San Mateo, California back in October.  She wore hijab until a division manager came in, and decided she didn't fit the A & F image, so he fired her after she refused to take off the head scarf while on the job.  Now CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, has filed a lawsuit against A & F on religious discrimination charges.

Jeanette Pryor of NewsRealBlog wrote:

The CAIR lawsuit, aimed at forcing the clothier to permit Muslim employees to wear Hijab, has all the trappings of a set up, given the jarring contradiction between the purported Islamic reasons for tenting their women and the girl's choice to work for one of the most sexualized franchises in the rack garment industry.

This lawsuit has nothing to do with Islamic religious sensibilities, but everything to do with the imposition of Islam on our society.  CAIR, who has direct connections to the terrorist organization Hamas, purposely sets up and manipulates tensions between American personnel and Muslims in order to appear as victims of discrimination.
The incremental steps to force a country to convert to Islam are aided in large measure by CAIR.  This front organization works to promote a peaceful image of Islam in the world, but disguises its true agenda of terrorism.  Islam operates under Sharia law which discriminates against women by allowing for their murder if they commit sexual crimes among other offenses.

The hypocritical nature of that part of Islam which allows sexual exploitation of females sharply contrasts to the practice of women covering themselves to prevent sexuality from becoming an issue in their every day lives.  What a joke.

Pajamas Media posted information on the sexual misbehavior of jihadists showing Islam's true evil. 

Islamists rely on several rationalizations - doctrines, even - that make "jiggle-joint carousing" consistent with Muslim piety. Considering that Islamic law permits sex slaves (Koran 4:3), who can be kept topless by their masters, and makes sex one of the highest paradisiacal rewards, this should come as no great surprise. However, to elaborate:

First, the doctrine of taqiyya allows Muslims residing among infidels to deceive the latter by, among other things, behaving like infidels, e.g., frequenting strip bars: "Taqiyya [deception], even if committed without duress, does not lead to a state of infidelity - even if it leads to sin deserving of hellfire."

Murder, deceit, and sexual exploitation of women are allowable under Islam.  Not exactly a modest and peaceful system of belief for some.  

CAIR really doesn't CARE about the woman in the lawsuit.  It cares about spreading Islam.


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