Lawmakers, staffs exempted from Obamacare insurance exchanges

How scarily awful is the newly passed Obamacare? So scarily awful that the people who actually wrote the multi thousand page bill sneakily exempted themselves from it.

Allysia Finley of the Wall Street Journal tells us that

Congressional leaders apparently not only made quid pro quos with congressmen who voted for ObamaCare, but also with congressional staff who crafted the legislation.


In the name of solidarity with the voting public, legislators required themselves and their office staffs to join the bill's newly created state insurance exchanges. But the loophole exempts high-level leadership and committee staffers. For example, staffers who work in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's Nevada Senate office would be required to join. Those who work under him as Senate Majority Leader would not.

The miles long line for jobs working for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) forms behind me.