How many DOJ lawyers represented Gitmo prisoners?

Last week, after months of stonewalling, Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder finally gave a partial answer to the Senate Republican's request that he identify the DOJ political appointees who have given legal counsel to the terrorists being held at Guantanamo Bay.

Holder said that although he had not as yet made a complete study of the DOJ appointees there were at least nine lawyers in the department who had worked on behalf of the terrorists. The estimate given by Holder does not include lawyers who (like himself) had worked for law firms which were engaged in providing pro bono legal services for the Guantanamo Bay terrorists. According to the National Review.

Holder was a senior partner at a Washington firm (Covington & Burling) that proudly boasts of having represented 18 enemy combatants. Working for America's enemies was its most heavily resourced "pro bono" (no fee) project, to which it donated thousands of hours of work (3,022 hours in 2007 alone). Holder did not directly handle the cases. Yet, while his firm banged away on them, he made public statements accusing the United States of having "denied the writ of habeas corpus to hundreds of accused enemy combatants and authorized the use of procedures that violate both international law and the United States Constitution."

This certainly helps us to understand the highly questionable decisions made at Holder's DOJ regarding the treatment of terrorists and enemy combatants. Is it any wonder that AG Holder wanted 9-11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed given a civilian trial in New York City. Was the handling of Umar Farouk Abdulmatallab (the underwear bomber) tainted by the seemingly pervasive pro civilian justice agenda at Holder's DOJ?

Western nations under their liberal governments have been so consumed with the destructive policy of political correctness that they have allowed themselves to be infiltrated by Islamic sympathizers at the highest level. How many Fort Hood terror attacks will we have to endure before real action is taken to check the threat of home grown terrorism?

The Sunday UK Telegraph tells a frightening story of the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE) and it's infiltration of the Labour Party.

In a six-month investigation by this paper and Channel 4's Dispatches, involving weeks of covert filming by the programme's reporters:

. IFE activists boasted to the undercover reporters that they had already "consolidated...a lot of influence and power" over Tower Hamlets, a London borough council with a 1 billion budget.

. We have established that the group and its allies were awarded more than 10 million of taxpayer's money, much of it from government funds designed to "prevent violent extremism".

. IFE leaders were recorded expressing opposition to democracy, support for sharia law or mocking black people. The IFE organised meetings with extremists, including Taliban allied, a man named by the US government as an "unindicted co-conspirator" in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and a man under investigation by the FBI for his links to the September 11 attacks.

. Moderate Muslims in London told how the IFE and its allies were enforcing their hardline views on the rest of the local community, curbing behavior they deemed "un-Islamic". The owner of a dating agency received a threatening email from an IFE activist, warning her to close it.

. George Galloway, a London MP, admitted in recordings obtained by this newspaper that his surprise victory in the 2005 election owed more to the IFE "than it would be wise-for them-for me to say," adding that they played a "decisive role" in his triumph at the polls.

From Washington to London and around the free world the threat of radical Islam is growing at a frightening pace. As the UK Telegraph pointed out, even the moderate Muslim community has been targeted by these radicals. When we here in America wonder why the Muslim community remains strangely silent in the face of radical Islamic attacks, we should put ourselves in their place. They have much to fear from the radical Islamic underground, as do well all.

Phil Boehmke