Hey kids! How about a Life Insurance Mandate?

This past Wednesday Governor Bob McDonnell signed the Virginia Health Care Freedom Act during a ceremony in Richmond. The bipartisan bill challenges the unconstitutional insurance mandate which is a key element of ObamaCare. WSLS reported.

"We all agree that we must expand access to quality health care and reduce costs for all Virginians. However, that should not be accomplished through an unprecedented federal mandate on individuals that we believe violates the U.S. Constitution. The Virginia Healthcare Freedom Act sets as the policy of the Commonwealth that no individual, with several specific exceptions, can be required to purchase health insurance coverage. The Act was passed with bi-partisan support, in sharp contrast to the narrow straight line partisan vote that enacted the federal health care bill on Sunday night. Virginia's Healthcare Freedom Act received the votes of leading Democratic Senators, as well as the Democratic House Minority Leader. It was an important step to sign this bipartisan legislation today." McDonnell said in a news release.

If the Virginia Health Care Freedom Act is successful in protecting the rights of the Commonwealth's citizens from the egregious ObamaCare health insurance mandate, then a turning point will have been reached in the restoration of freedom.

The party line response towards the various legal challenges to the freedom killing monstrosity dubbed ObamaCare has been full of bravado. The "go for it" optimism of the future former president and his comrades is disconcerting when one considers the means used to coerce and bribe their fellow party members into voting for the bill last Sunday night. Has the party stacked the judicial deck as well?

Should the health insurance mandate be upheld as constitutional by the court it would set a dangerous precedent. Imagine what Obama and his comrades could force upon the American people under the cover of reform legislation.

In order to address the national debt and social security funding issues it may occur to Obama and the party that all citizens should be required to purchase a life insurance policy with the federal government as the beneficiary. This would be in the interests of the majority of the people as any loss in future tax revenue needed to fund government entitlement programs and debt service resulting from the untimely death of the citizen in question would be covered by the mandated life insurance policy.

Each citizen's estimated work-life income could be calculated based upon life expectancy, education, and past income. Inequities attributed to race, educational opportunity, family history and other social factors would be balanced by government subsidies and tax credits to promote social justice.

Once the Bureau of Future Tax Liability Projections had completed their computations and arrived at a figure, the citizen would then be required to purchase a life insurance policy in the amount and term of years stipulated. Failure to comply with the mandate would result in financial penalties and possible imprisonment.

In order to develop just and fair premiums for the government mandated life insurance policies, the issuing companies would be required to simplify their rates to eliminate the unfair actuarial practices currently in use. Life insurance companies would charge each citizen the same rate per unit of coverage and there would be no additional charge for any pre-existing medical conditions or other risk factors.

The federally mandated policies should create enough additional profit for the issuing companies that they would be able to offset losses incurred from their participation in the federal health insurance program prior to the full implementation of single payer.

The Obama Life Mandate would assure that CBO projections could be more efficiently calculated and fulfilled. additionally there would be thousands of new public sector (union) jobs created in the various bureaucracies required to administrate and enforce the program.

Of course this sort of thing could never happen in America.

Phil Boehmke