Graph of the Day for March 4, 2010

"I travel the country and see these patterns in every community - stories of 12 year old children killed in the cross fire between knuckleheads selling drugs, the 14 year olds with a sealed envelop as their first step into the criminal justice system, the young males who become fathers and not held responsible, the young women having children and moving back in with their mothers and grandmothers, and the young people who choose not to learn standard English.

"If I have to make a choice between keeping quiet so that conservative media does 
not speak negatively or ringing the bell to galvanize those who want change in the
lower economic community, then I choose to be a bell ringer.
Bill Cosby.

Source:  The Heritage Foundation.

Hoven's Index for March 4, 2010

Percent of births out-of-wedlock for whites:  27%

For blacks:  69%

Percentage of white children living with a single parent:  21%

Of black children:  57%

Source:  The Heritage Foundation.

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