Graph of the Day for March 24, 2010

"If you think about it, uh, y'know, UPS and FedEx are doin' just fine.  Right?  The, uh, no, they are.  It's the Post Office that's always havin' problems."  President Obama., explaining the "public option" in health care.

Source:  Government Accountability Office.

Hoven's Index for March 24, 2010

USPS mail volume decline, 2007-2009:  35 billion pieces (17%)

USPS financial losses, 2007-2009:  $12 billion

USPS mail volume decline in first quarter of 2010:  4.5 billion pieces (9%)

USPS projected losses over the next decade:  $230 billion

First-class mail volume decline since 2001 peak:  19%

Standard mail volume decline since 2007 peak:  20% 

Source:  Government Accountability Office.

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