Generational Theft

The generational theft that is ObamaCare affects those of all ages.

After not working for most of 2009 I find myself working twice as hard for half as much, but you won't find me complaining. Like many who hold traditional American values, I choose freewill and the opportunity for upside over the mediocrity of guaranteed outcomes.

What I do find unsettling is the fact that under Obamacare I will be forced to discontinue contributions to my retirement account due to the increased taxes (on my current healthcare plan as well as income) I will be forced to pay now for a product that doesn't even come to market for four years!

In essence, President Obama is robbing my future and handing the money over to what supporters he has left.

Mr. President, when you're done with my wallet please leave it somewhere it can be found, I'd like to retrieve my driver's license and other personal affects.

Dirk Salvo
San Francisco
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