Drudge and news diversity

Relax folks, you can go back to reading the Drudge Report without fear of nasty computer viruses.

Apparently Congressional staffers were warned to stay away from the site (and also whitepages.com) because of an unfounded fear that these sites were infected with computer bugs.

Was that the real reason? Hmmm. Liberals have accused Drudge of a conservative orientation. What they mean is that Drudge also lists articles that counter liberal ideas, that display liberals in a less than flattering light.

At Powerline Blog, John Hinderacker analyzes the revelatory numbers from Drudge's traffic totals which breaks down the number of visitors according to origins. It seems that many of Drudge visitors come from senate.gov, house.gov and other .govs.

do the math: 18,750 times a day, Senators and their staffers visit the Drudge Report--187.5 times a day for each Senator; 30,543 times a day Congressmen and their staffers check in on Drudge--70 times a day for each Congressional office; and, most comical of all, 1,353 times a day President Obama's White House staffers log on to the Report.

He concludes

The war is over. Drudge won it.

And thanks to Drudge making early and strategic use of Al Gore's invention of the internet we have all won--the liberal gatekeepers no longer control or shape the news we receive. News diversity with all points of view are now available to all.

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press. At last.