Clyburn says health care vote may slip until after Easter

The president held off on his Asia trip just so he could help with twisting some Democrat arms, but there's a possibility that the Health Care vote may not come off until April says House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.):

Clyburn expressed doubt that the House would vote by Thursday. He said lawmakers might have to stay in Washington right up to Easter Sunday, wrangling over their differences, and he wasn't certain the showdown vote would take place by then.

"The chances are good, but I wouldn't bet on it," he said.

There you have it.  Chances are good, but no bets, and that really doesn't sound like sterling confidence.

Clyburn believes the deal-or rather the vote may come off because of three changes:

_ The latest version drops a "public option" for a new government-run health care plan on the scale of Medicare or Medicaid. The modified measure still requires Americans to buy health insurance, but it provides tax credits and other subsidies to help moderate- and low-income people purchase coverage from private companies.

_ The new bill drops a "millionaires' tax" that would have imposed a 5.4 percent surcharge on wealthy Americans.

_ The November House legislation carried a $1 trillion price tag, while the measure that passed the Senate a month later would cost $875 billion. The modified House bill will carry a price tag in the range of $955 billion.

Big changes!  Americans are still forced to buy health insurance, and millionaires like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid won't have to be concerned with a nasty 5.4 percent tax either.  How considerate.  And finally, they say the cost will be less than a trillion dollars, being that, somehow, they ‘found' a way to lop off $145 billion.  Of course, this is like saying, the cup of coffee will only cost $4.99-not five bucks.

If Clyburn is a sure as he thinks he is, well, maybe the vote will be after Easter, which will give Americans another chance to head off the Democrats socialistic assault on the world's best health care system.