Biden's 'effing gaffe' should cost networks a bundle

The FCC defines and enforces community standards regarding the broadcast of profane material.  Profane material cannot be broadcast over-the-air, on radio or television, between the hours of 6 a.m. until 10 p.m.

While introducing President Barack Obama during the signing ceremony of the health insurance act, Vice President Joe Biden's statement of, "This is a big f***ing deal" was broadcast in many markets, on both broadcast radio and television.

The FCC generally receives complaints from the general public to review and take action on the broadcast of profane material.

If you heard the fleeting expletive broadcast live, on television or radio, you could file a complaint or call 1-888-TELL-FCC. The public's assistance may be needed to identify all broadcasters who offended these community standards.

After filing an online complaint against the local TV station that broadcast the profane language to my home, the FCC provides a case number that can be used to follow the progress of the case.

Assuming their case-handling flowchart is accurate, each complainant should receive individual treatment.  This is due from each broadcast location having control over what they broadcast.

The maximum fine for broadcasting profanity is $325,000 for each broadcast station, to a maximum of $3,000,000 per instance.