Attack on GOP HQ in Virginia

Don't expect Keith Olbermann to fulminate or the New York Times to editorialize over the dangers of violence on the left, bricks have been thrown through the windows of the Albemarle County, Virginia headquarters of the Republican Party. Three windows were broken.

The sad fact is that nuts exist on the fringes of both right and left and sometimes behave inappropriately. The differences between the two sides are:

  • 1. The GOP and conservatives generally promptly condemn violence directed against their opponents, while the left tends to justify rage against unfairness, racisms, or the cause-du-jour and celebrate violent revolutionaries (such as Che Guevara);
  • 2. The mainstream media generally downplays violence against conservatives (as in the case of the wheelchair-bound black tea partier who was beaten up by thugs wearing SEIU purple shirts;
  • 3. Democrats and the left don't mind publicizing threats, and see them as an opportunity to bash their opponents, while Republicans and conservatives tend to discreetly seek help from law enforcement.

Every prominent conservative in politics and the media gets threatening emails and messages. We at American Thinker have gotten our share, including things far more vile than the phone messages released by Democrats recently. We don't whine and we don't give them publicity.

Hat tip: Ted C.