At Air America bankruptcy auction, private info of listeners for sale

Although the grotesquely misnamed liberal, lefty and progressive radio program Air America is off the air, its lies, its perverted mission live on. Hoping to recoup some of their massive investment (and maybe paying the bilked Bronx Boys' Club?), investors are holding a public auction of all remaining assets. And I do mean all. In addition to the usual office furniture and supplies, private intellectual property is up for bid.

Yours maybe? E mail addresses of subscribers, which Air America promised would only be used by them and never by a third party, and even staffers' e mails and other documents are some of the intellectual property items on the block. Robert Quigley of geekosystem has the sordid details.

From Maltz Auctions' auction details for the sale:

Intellectual Property:

* Company Name: Air America Media, LLC
* Domain Name:
* Company Phone Numbers
* E-mail Mailing List (emphasis added)

The e mail mailing list? Once upon a time Air America subscribers were promised

Two relevant passages from the privacy policy, which was cached on January 17th, 2010:

[1]e. The Air America site has a newsletter distributed via e-mail. If you choose to subscribe to this feature, you must provide a valid e-mail address. Your e-mail address will be used only by Air America for the distribution of the newsletter and any promotions or marketing that we feel may be of interest to you and will not be divulged to any third party, except as required by court order. All Air America newsletters include an unsubscribe link in at the very bottom. Clicking this link will unsubscribe you immediately.


4. What information does Air America share with third parties?

a. Unless described herein, Air America will not impart to third parties individual users' e-mail addresses or other individual personal information unless required to do so by law.


So much for liberal, lefty, progressive promises. They were not required by law to release "to third parties individual users' e-mail addresses or other individual personal information." But they did. And they promised they wouldn't. Promised!

Quigley also cites an e mail a former Air America employee received from a successful auction bidder requesting the password for an airbook used on the show. As he puts it

So: The emails and documents of former employees are also, technically, up for auction! FUN.

Yeah, libs have so much fun playing with your money, your privacy! Not to mention your integrity.