A handy guide to who is a racist in America

In an article entitled, "What's the Matter with White People?", Salon.com continues the leftist meme that all the political discord in this country is the fault of the racist white majority, which represents, as of 2008, some two-thirds of our 300 million population. Add to that figure the significant percentage of Hispanics who identify as white and you are talking about another 30 million racist folks who contribute to the country's ills according to Frank Rich,* Salon and other lefty race mongers.

One quote in the Salon piece caught my eye and tripped a synapse somewhere back there in the dark recesses of unused gray matter. Speaking of doubts about health care reform among American citizens, author Joan Walsh said this:

Those doubts were especially pronounced among white voters with less than a college education, Gallup found -- the group that most resisted candidate Obama in 2008.

A quick check revealed that I hadn't tripped over an errant synapse; I was actually on to something. And that is
this, taken from the Service Employees International Union website which boasts:

Fifty-six percent of SEIU members are women and some 40 percent people of color. SEIU represents more immigrant workers than any other union in the United States.

Now admittedly I'm a product of the public school system, although that of some fifty years ago; but my math skills tell me that number means that 60% of SEIU members are people of no color, otherwise known as whites. Do you suppose that Ms. Walsh's reference to that group of whites where concerns were especially pronounced included this sixty percent of SEIU's members? And inasmuch as the SEIU rank and file probably does not include that many college graduates, should we be concerned that perhaps she should have?

So the question begging to be asked here is, just whose people of no color without college educations is it who are the racists?

My word, you don't suppose old Andy Stern is harboring a hot bed of white racism within the SEIU, now do you? Could AT readers please report any incidences of office cleaning personnel wearing pointy white hoods?

*Sorry for lack of a link; I will not provide links to the NYT and contribute to Punk's web hits.