What the Democrats really think about 'bi-partisanship'

Everything yesterday was smiles and roses at the Health Care Summit. Obama and the Democrats piously proclaimed their commitment to finding a bi-partisan solution to the health care reform impasse while forgetting that it's not Republicans Obama has to convince but rather the rational, sensible members of his own party who are resisting his determination to commit political suicide in passing his monstrously unpopular bill.

Speaking of rational - or lack thereof - here's John McCormick at Weekly Standard Blog with a Democratic congressman who obviously didn't get the memo on making nice with the GOP:

On the eve of the bipartisan health care summit at the Blair House, Democrat Anthony Weiner of New York took the floor of the House to attack "every single Republican" he has "ever met" as a "wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry."

In addition to being an idiot, Weiner is a hypocrite too:

The health care industry was Weiner's second biggest industry backer in 2008, so I guess that makes him just a "partially-owned subsidiary" of the industry.

Judging by some of the insurance industry bashing that was going on at the summit, you might think that all Democrats were out to destroy the private insurance market. Not so, says Obama. We only want to make it impossible for them to make a profit.

Big difference, huh?

Hat Tip: Ed Lasky